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Creating a positive environment

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Many a joke has been made over the saying “Its not what you said its the way you said it”. This has got me thinking can you deliver information in such a way you can either positively or negatively effect not only the person you are speaking to but  environment they are in and the […]

What is caring ?

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At least weekly and often several times a day during recruitment I hear “I am a caring person” That to me is a throwaway line often taught to people during interview training along with the statements  honesty, hardworking and I’m  team player. I therefore base interviewing around  what is caring? You will be surprised how […]

Reflection and improvement

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I believe from time to time its important to take time out and reflect on the way you do things, Over the last six weeks this is something as an organisation we have put a lot of thought in to.  We are conscious that as we increase in size by taking on more work and […]

Community spirit is still ALIVE & Kicking

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It has been just over a week since our community fun day and to be honest its still not quite sunk in how successful it was. The headline grabber was the money we raised either directly or indirectly from the event however what struck me the most was the people and the community spirit.  I […]

My Role – Operational Manager

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One of the reasons we decided to start blogging was to give people an insight in to the workings of Abbeycare .To start with I am going to be discussing my role as Operational Manager. My Job description is really in the title, to ensure the organisation is able to operate on a day to […]

Balancing feedback

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In the past healthcare services was about meeting a demand ensuring there was a service available to perform a particular task, the focus has changed and modernized so that services such as ourselves don’t just provide a service but provide outcomes and people are treated as customers and not patients. Because of this as with every […]